Allfasteners Introduces Industry Exclusive Warranty for the Raptor Radome

Allfasteners today announced that any Raptor Radome Concealment Canister sold after this date will be covered by an industry exclusive 10-year warranty. The new warranty is backed by Allfasteners who, through ongoing quality initiatives, has yielded constant improvement on its Raptor Radome model, according to the company.

“For customers, Allfasteners’ product reliability and versatility provide two distinct benefits. The first being reassurance your product is covered for a decade, and that on the rare occurrence your canister would need repaired, the Allfasteners team has you covered. The second, is knowing you’ve invested in the future of not only your structure, but the industry,” says Bruce Carmichael, Sales Manager, AllFasteners.

Allfasteners’ Raptor Radome was developed as a replacement for existing concealment panels in the industry. For too long panels became windsocks that were vulnerable to the elements and nylon bolts would get lost or broken, says Carmichael.

Allfasteners sells the Raptor Radome for monopoles. They can be retrofitted to fit most pole sizes. Contact an Allfasteners representative today for more details.

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