Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) has clarified its intentions for its wireless business. “We have no plans to build out a full national wireless network,” stated Tom Nagel, Comcast SVP, Wireless Strategy, in a blog post on the company’s website on Wednesday. “Rather, where it makes sense, we plan to selectively deploy […]

Now Platform Tokyo gets telco features “with service delivery, care, and assurance in mind” Enterprise workflow management software maker ServiceNow has announced the release of Telecommunications Network Inventory (TNI), a workflow management solution to help telco network engineers design and build network resources and services. TNI is available through ServiceNow’s Now Platform, […]

The deal will provide subscribers with access to the peer-deployed Helium 5G network, as well as T-Mobile US’ 5G network Amid preparations for the launch of Helium Mobile, a mobile service that will enable subscribers to earn crypto rewards for using the network, Nova Labs has announced a five-year agreement with T-Mobile US. According […]

Facing new competition from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, satellites are going hybrid in their attempts to increase speeds and reduce latency. Among the strategies revealed this month, established Geostationary (GEO) satellites are combining with terrestrial wireless and satellites in different orbits.  One example is Hughes Network Systems, LLC, which […]

Spectrum reallocation is only getting more complicated, as the airwaves get more crowded. There are certainly recent examples—the C-Band deployment delays and the ongoing dispute over Ligado’s spectrum use potentially impacting Department of Defense operations—where better and earlier collaboration between federal agencies might have headed off some of the resultant […]

UPDATE Ligado Networks told the FCC this week it won’t go through with a planned trial deployment on its L-band spectrum in northern Virginia. In a letter to the agency, Ligado told the Commission it needs time to discuss with NTIA how “to resolve in a fair and reasonable manner […]


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