Opensignal users that connected with 5G scored 74.5 on a 100-point scale when gaming, compared to public Wi-Fi’s score of 72 According to Opensignal, mid-band 5G is making cellular much more competitive with Wi-Fi for mobile experiences like gaming and surfing the web. “Opensignal’s latest analysis demonstrates that smartphone users […]

For more in-depth industry insights, subscribe to Inside Towers Intelligence To look at recent stock prices of infrastructure companies – towers, fiber, data centers – one might think that these companies are badly underperforming. On the contrary, the leading infrastructure companies and their mobile network operator customers reported solid financial […]

Previously announced Anomaly Detection service also available Nokia bolstered its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings for telcos this week with two new services aimed at reducing network power consumption and providing scalable services to automate smart home devices. Nokia also announced that its previously announced anomaly detection service, aimed at helping networks […]


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