A government-watchdog group that says it’s nonpartisan is calling on U.S. ethics officials to investigate whether the FCC complied with financial-conflict rules when it allowed several top officials to own stocks in apparent violation of the agency’s own rules. In a complaint filed with the Office of Government Ethics and […]

The members of state wireless associations across the eastern seaboard gathered last night at TopGolf in Baltimore to donate to the family of the late Alex Beiro. Beiro’s sudden passing happened in November, not long after hosting a golf outing for the Virginia Wireless Association where he served as President. The social […]

UPDATE The FCC wants to make it easier for wireless carriers and satellite operators to work with each other to provide supplemental satellite-delivered cell service to smartphone users in remote unserved areas. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking suggests adding a mobile-satellite service allocation to a class of terrestrial flexible-use bands […]

Telecom infrastructure stocks stood up well against the shock wave that hit the economy on Monday in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. We track the stocks of 14 infrastructure companies in our proprietary Wireless Infrastructure Value Index, part of our Inside Towers Intelligence™ quarterly publication. The Index […]

UPDATE The Senate adjourned Thursday without acting to extend the FCC’s auction authority. That lapsed at midnight on March 9. It’s the first time that permission has lapsed since Congress gave the authority to the FCC three decades ago. The House previously passed an extension though May 19, Inside Towers […]

AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) differ on offering fixed wireless access. Here’s the deal. Verizon, as does T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS), offers FWA by sharing unused mid-band spectrum on their mobile networks. Primary MNO FWA targets are telco and cable customers looking for better alternatives to their wired internet […]

The FCC has granted DISH Wireless (NASDAQ: DISH) a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) to conduct 5G testing in low-band 800 MHz in Yuma, AZ. The STA allows tests utilizing the 3GPP band n26 in the 817-824 MHz/862-869 MHz frequency range over an area covering a 50-mile radius. DISH began a […]

The digital infrastructure ecosystem includes towers, fiber, data centers, small cells, edge infrastructure and power. While the various digital infrastructure asset classes operate under a similar ‘shared infrastructure’ business model, deploying these assets, particularly data centers, involves very different requirements. Jake Remington, Senior Counsel, and Rodney Carter, Partner, with the […]

Mobile World Congress Wireless carriers, T-Mobile and Etisalat by e&, are taking carrier aggregation (CA), a method of increasing the data rate per user with multiple frequency blocks assigned to the same user, to the next level: four carriers. It is one of the first times CA has been pushed […]


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