Price: (as of – Details)   Product Description After testing, which routers can be adapted? SMA: ZTEMF28G,ZTEMF29S2,ZTEMF28DHuaweiE5186,HuaweiB890,HuaweiB593U-12,HuaweiB593s-22,HuaweiB593u-91,HuaweiB593u,HuaweiB315VodafoneB4000,VodafoneB3000,VodafoneB2000VodafoneB1000,HuaweiE5172A S-22,HuaweiE5172S-22,HuaweiE5172HuaweiE398,E3276,E392,E3272,E8278,E5786,E5372,E5375,E1550,E156G,E160,E160E,E160G,E169,E1762,E176G,E1820,E600,E612 ,E618,E620,E630TS-9: VodafoneR215,VodafoneR212VodafoneK5150,VodafoneK5005,VodafoneK5006Z,VodafoneR226ZTEMF821D,ZTEMF821,ZTEMF910,ZTEMF90,ZTEMF93EZTEMF91D,ZTEMF91T,ZTEMF91T,ZTEMF91T MF91S ZTE Flare,ZTE MF827,ZTE MF825C ZTE MF95,ZTE MF75,HuaweiE5573-852 E5573-853 E5573-856 EC5377,EC5373,E5375,E5577,E5771-852,E5571-856,E5571 -937,E8372 Easy installation Simply screw two connectors into the back of your router 4g lte port. Improve the mobile […]

Price: (as of – Details) The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna elements; two ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz support MiMo/diversity at cellular/LTE frequencies and two dual band elements covering 2.3-2.7 & 4.9-6GHz support MIMO/diversity operation for Wi-Fi and WiMAX. The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna […]

Price: (as of – Details) Specifications Frequency Range :698-6000MHz Gain :2x30dBi Polarization :Vertical and Horizontal Horizontal Beanwidth :9° Vertical Beamwidth :8° F/B Ratio :≥30dB VSWR :≤1.5 Input Impedance :50Ω Maximum input power :100W Lightning protection :DC Ground Connector :2xN Female Dimensions :40x60cm Antenna weight :2.5 kg Mounting Mast Diameter :Φ35-50mm […]


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