Price: (as of – Details)   Product Description After testing, which routers can be adapted? SMA: ZTEMF28G,ZTEMF29S2,ZTEMF28DHuaweiE5186,HuaweiB890,HuaweiB593U-12,HuaweiB593s-22,HuaweiB593u-91,HuaweiB593u,HuaweiB315VodafoneB4000,VodafoneB3000,VodafoneB2000VodafoneB1000,HuaweiE5172A S-22,HuaweiE5172S-22,HuaweiE5172HuaweiE398,E3276,E392,E3272,E8278,E5786,E5372,E5375,E1550,E156G,E160,E160E,E160G,E169,E1762,E176G,E1820,E600,E612 ,E618,E620,E630TS-9: VodafoneR215,VodafoneR212VodafoneK5150,VodafoneK5005,VodafoneK5006Z,VodafoneR226ZTEMF821D,ZTEMF821,ZTEMF910,ZTEMF90,ZTEMF93EZTEMF91D,ZTEMF91T,ZTEMF91T,ZTEMF91T MF91S ZTE Flare,ZTE MF827,ZTE MF825C ZTE MF95,ZTE MF75,HuaweiE5573-852 E5573-853 E5573-856 EC5377,EC5373,E5375,E5577,E5771-852,E5571-856,E5571 -937,E8372 Easy installation Simply screw two connectors into the back of your router 4g lte port. Improve the mobile […]

Price: (as of – Details) The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna elements; two ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz support MiMo/diversity at cellular/LTE frequencies and two dual band elements covering 2.3-2.7 & 4.9-6GHz support MIMO/diversity operation for Wi-Fi and WiMAX. The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna […]

These antennas are perfect for installation in plastic enclosures, and small cases, both indoor and outdoor. They perform very well on all 5GNR and LTE frequency bands. Per Quectel, The antenna is designed for superior performance, and can be widely used for wireless applications. Excellent performance, excellent efficiency. These antennas […]


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