AT&T on Friday reported a data breach that affected nearly all of its wireless customers In May, AT&T reportedly paid a hacker over $300,000 in ransom – a third of the $1 million that was originally sought   Tied to AT&T’s hack and a prior data theft at T-Mobile is John Binns, […]

Data from nearly all of AT&T’s wireless customers was compromised AT&T doesn’t believe the data was made publicly available Data hacks involving cellular operators appear all too common these days Cell phone calls and texts of nearly all of AT&T’s cellular customers – and customers of mobile virtual network operators […]

Startup Monarch has teamed with Verizon to connect its smart tractors Monarch said that its autonomous and electric tractors can drastically cut fuel and pesticide costs Verizon uses 4G and provides a basestation to collect data for the tractors Imagine you’re a farmer, it’s fall and you need to plow […]

There’s a dispute over how the 4.9 GHz band should be managed for public safety Some public safety agencies want FirstNet to control the 4.9 GHz band; others argue for local control Verizon doesn’t want AT&T to get access to the band, where spectrum has been valued at over $14 […]

Samsung supplies 5G gear to big companies like Verizon and Dish, but it’s also got its eye on regional carriers Samsung has structured its back-end organization to cater to regional carriers   Smaller operators are looking at adding FWA to their service offerings It seems like there’s already been a […]

This week on the Fierce Network Research Bulletin, find out how Purdue went from protests to praise for its Wi-Fi connectivity, and then read on for the usual control plane, stat of the week, and dropped packet. Generation Z demands top-tier connectivity and Purdue wasn’t delivering Purdue CIO Ian Hyatt […]

RedCap IoT and uplink improvements will be among the first features implemented for Release 18 5G-Advanced More features will arrive in late 2025 Expect Release 18 compliant silicon from various Chinese vendors, MediaTek and Qualcomm, analysts say The first 5G-Advanced specification is now ready to be implemented by silicon providers, network infrastructure […]


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