Arcosa Telecom Structures: More Specialties Than You’d Suspect

It has been almost three years since Muskogee, Oklahoma-based Eastpointe Industries became Arcosa Telecom Structures after being purchased by Arcosa, a publicly-traded company based in Dallas, TX.

With more than 20 years of experience, Arcosa Telecom has completed more than 10,000 structures in more than 50 U.S. states and territories and is a trusted partner of major carriers, tower owners, and industry leading contractors, according to the company.

Arcosa Telecom is an AISC certified fabricator of self-supporting towers, guyed towers, monopoles, small cells, smart poles, elevated platforms, and related structural tower components. They also provide tower/monopole modification and upgrade materials.

Inside Towers recently sat down to reflect on the last several months with Michael Pelletier, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Arcosa Telecom.

Tower Modification Work

During that time, Pelletier says Arcosa Telecom has increased its partnerships with resellers, distributors, and integrators, opening doors into adjacent infrastructure sectors. “The partnership piece has worked well for us. Through these relationships, we have established credibility in multiple vertical markets,” Pelletier said. Those areas include public safety, utilities, wireless internet service providers, and other customer segments that use towers, poles and related structures.

Arcosa Telecom is also driving growth by developing new product categories. In addition to its traditional macro structure and modification offering, it is offering what it refers to as ‘Intermediate Capacity Towers,’ which are robust structures with solid rod legs, optimized for less strenuous applications. Arcosa is also developing other structures which will continue its growing appeal in sectors where its partners are well situated.

What sets Arcosa Telecom apart from the crowd is the way it looks to the customer experience to gauge success, according to Pelletier. “If we walk away from a project and the customer is happy and they’re willing to come back to us, that is a win,” Pelletier said. “Did we perform the way we said we would? Did we meet or preferably exceed their expectations? If we can say yes to those questions, then we take that as a good measure of success.”

According to Pelletier, crucial to that customer experience and, therefore, the success of the project, is the level of communication with the customer. Arcosa Telecom makes a habit of calling the customer on a regular basis with status updates.

“A lot happens between when we start the quoting process and when the tower gets delivered,” Pelletier said. “We like to keep our customers posted on the progress of their order and we take the communication piece very seriously.”

Similarly, Acrosa prioritizes transparency during all circumstances. “We don’t wait until there is a full blown issue before we get a customer involved.” Preferring a proactive approach, Pelletier says Arcosa Telecom constantly keeps clients in the loop, even when it encounters an unexpected hurdle.

Arcosa Telecom’s penchant for customer service wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t able to back it up with “an excellent product.” It has a team of AWS-certified welders and inspectors, and industry experienced procurement staff that assure compliance to the most stringent engineering specifications. To ensure the quick cycle times and precise fit-up in the field, 100 percent of all projects are detailed in-house.

“It starts in manufacturing. We select the right materials. Our people are craftsmen. They’ve been doing it for 15-20 years. They are very good at building towers,” Pelletier said.

Like the rest of the industry, Arcosa Telecom has had to deal with supply chain shortages and rising costs in steel, fuel and transportation. To manage economic headwinds, Arcosa Telecom controls what it can. “We’re overstocking key components to avoid supply chain issues, and we’re buying steel directly from the mills to achieve the lowest possible costs,” Pelletier said. “This has allowed us to maintain our excellent delivery performance in spite of global shortages and we continue to offer competitive pricing.”

Arcosa Telecom recently exhibited at Connect (X) in New Orleans, LA. The team will also be attending the 2023 UTC Telecom & Technology Conference in June in Fort Lauderdale, FL, WISPALOOZA this October in Las Vegas, NV, as well as several state wireless association events throughout the year

For more information, visit their website, or follow them on LinkedIn.


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