Smaller wireless carriers face new challenges and opportunities

CCA wireless convention discussed 5G, FWA and private wireless

AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless may be the nation’s three major national wireless carriers, but there are also countless smaller or regional competitors, and they face many of the same challenges with moving to new technology like 5G, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and Private Wireless. Let’s take a closer look at what new technologies wireless carriers need to focus on going forward.

The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) recently held their annual convention here in Atlanta. It was eye opening to see where this group of wireless competitors is heading.

The CCA is the trade organization that focuses on these smaller wireless carriers. At this year’s convention, there were many senior executives of smaller wireless carriers and various supporting companies gathered to share strategies, discuss challenges and opportunities, and to learn the best direction moving forward. 

US Cellular partnering with Betacom to offer private wireless services

Example, US Cellular is one of the heavy hitters in this group. They are the big fish in the smaller pond. There was much discussion about the new opportunities they see moving forward including 5G, FWA and Private wireless.

These are some of the new areas all smaller wireless carriers need to focus on going forward. These are the same as the larger competitors as well. 

US Cellular, just partnered with Betacom, and will be offering private wireless services to their business customers much sooner than if they had tried to do this on their own.

Wireless has always been an industry which is fast growing over the past 50 years, but there are inflection points which change its growth path.

We are at one of those inflection points right now. All smaller wireless networks can jump into this space as well. 

CWA wireless sponsors discuss challenges and opportunities

Some CCA sponsors include Ericsson, Nokia, Interop, Samsung, Syniverse, TNS, IDI, T-Mobile, Appalachian Wireless, Carolina West, Casa Systems, Cellcom, Clearsky, CoBank, Dish, C-Spire, Cellular One, US Cellular and many others.

There are plenty of challenges in wireless today including resellers or MVNO players in the market today. The cable TV wireless offerings like Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Optimum, Cox Mobile and others are turning out to be real competitors. 

Plus, there are countless smaller resellers which are showing strong growth. 

Wireless remains important, but is continually changing

The competitive environment in the wireless industry is continuing to change. You see, while there is real growth opportunity, there are also real challenges. 

Smaller wireless carriers cannot simply sit this competitive threat out. If they do, they will lose. They need to be a player in the game as it continually changes. 

If we pull the camera back, we see wireless continuing to be incredibly important to society going forward. Wireless is not going away.

That does not mean things are sailing along smoothly for large or small competitors. 

Every wireless carrier is experiencing the same challenges and growth opportunities. How they react to them and deal with them will be key to whether they grow going forward.

One weak link in wireless today is the weak economy

The sour economy is also making users opt for lower cost service options. This is putting the brakes on continued and rapid growth in the industry. It is putting increasing pressure on competitors. 

In fact, the weak economy is having an impact on robust 5G growth in the entire wireless industry. 

Wireless is both important and in fact, crucial. However, wireless grows in steps and has over the decades. 

Today, wireless is in its fifth decade of growth from analog to digital, then from 2G to 5G. Wireless data is also playing an increasingly important role in the wireless industry.

So, while wireless is not going away, there are new pressures from many different directions which are challenging it. 

This is not new. These kinds of challenges have been with the industry for decades. We will get through it. It will just take time and effort. 

That’s why getting together for this CCA convention is so important. It gives these wireless carriers and executives the chance to mix and mingle, share ideas and solutions to the challenges and opportunities faced by each player today. 

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