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Intelligence by Inside Towers™, a quarterly market research subscription service offering actionable data and insights, specifically for the digital infrastructure industry, has released a new report. Subscribe here to access the exclusive content. This issue covers:

  • AI in Telecommunications Markets: Artificial intelligence is top of mind for many telecom network managers these days. There are two primary questions: Is AI a threat that could cause major dislocations in our current business model and organization? Or, is it a new technology that we should embrace and apply to our business as an operating force multiplier?
  • U.S. Wireless CapEx, A Current Analysis: When will wireless carrier spending get back to “normal?” That’s the key question that everyone is asking. The honest answer is, “This is normal!” The U.S. wireless industry has been through an extraordinary period of growth and expansion. In 2021 and 2022, aggregate capital expenditures levels among the U.S. national and regional mobile network operators alike reached unprecedented levels. So, what now?
  • Wireless Infrastructure Value Index: A proprietary monitoring instrument developed by Intelligence to indicate the relative value of a select group of 14 wireless infrastructure companies’ stock prices as a whole over a moving 52-week interval.
  • International TowerCo Perspective: “The Role of Tower Companies in Shaping Asia-Pacific’s Digital Future,” Gayan Koralage, EDOTCO GroupThe digital landscape in the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a profound transformation, propelled by the surge in short-form videos (SFV) and the advent of 5G technology. Koralage shares his take on the current challenges, opportunities, market saturation, MNO consolidation and more.
  • Fiber Industry Perspective: “Sensible Forecasting During Optics Boom,” Mark Lutkowitz, fibeRealityNobody in the optics marketplace predicted supply far outstripping demand for 800 gigabit per second (800G) transceivers to support AI infrastructure deployed in large data centers. While there are some overly bullish projections now being presented in the industry, there is a pragmatic means of making fairly accurate prognostications for at least the next couple of years.
  • Wireless Connectivity Perspective: “IoT Realities Around 5G” Wade Sarver, Wireless Industry Consultant: Remember all that hype about how 5G would offer massive machine connectivity? It turns out that the hype is way ahead of the devices. While the capability is there, the devices are lagging. Sarver explains why.

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