Huawei showed off 5.5G and FWA progress at MBBF 2023

A few weeks ago, at a wireless conference in Dubai, Huawei showed their progress and the direction for the next several years. In fact, every wireless company worldwide will experience these same growth opportunities. So, let’s take a closer look at where the wireless industry is today and the direction it is heading.

The 2023 Global Mobile Broadband Forum or MBBF 2023 event showed how the wireless world is quickly changing as it moves forward. Today, every wireless company is in the middle of this rapidly changing whirlwind of growth, change and advancement. 

Huawei and du introduced 5G-Advanced demonstration Villa

In one example, Huawei and du together introduced the world’s first 5G-Advanced (5G-A) demonstration Villa. 

du, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, is one of two major telecom service providers in the United Arab Emirates. They offer services including telephone, wireless, Internet and television services.

Huawei calls 5G-A by their own name, 5.5G. This 5G-Advanced demonstration Villa shows the future of smart home living, which is powered by a 10 Gbps wireless network. 

The Villa also showed how Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will play an important role in the larger picture.

China Mobile is transforming Hangzhou to the “first 5.5G city”

In another example, China Mobile showcased the transformation of Hangzhou China, which is changing from what is called the “first 5G city” to the “first 5.5G city.”

I think this is the beginning of a new term called “5G smart homes,” which we will be hearing increasingly going forward. 

Another example was with 100,000 people in the Hangzhou Olympic Sport Center Stadium, called “Big Lotus.” This was where Olympic events were held. 

It was also very interesting how China Telecom combined artificial intelligence (AI,) along with big data analytics to deliver improved Internet access. 

This was a good illustration of how 5G-A and FWA will continue to transform the way we communicate.

Rotating CEO Ken Hu discussed Huawei progress and plans

Ken Hu, rotating CEO of Huawei, said technology is changing quickly and new demands are evolving every day. He said the networks we use worldwide, must keep evolving to keep up with ever-increasing demand.

That is true, and it means there is a big new challenge and opportunity for all wireless companies today, worldwide. Companies need to stay focused and stay on the growth track. 

The wireless industry has been with us for fifty years, continually growing and changing. That continues today and will in fact moving forward.

5G-A, FWA, 5G home Internet and private Wwreless are the next steps of growth in the wireless industry. These should keep vibrant expansion moving for years to come. 

Wireless has always been changing. Now, new technologies like these will change the way we think of and use wireless. It will continue to expand. Wireless will continue to change our lives and we are only in the early innings of this game. 

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