Waterford Consultants announced Carolyn Gould as uts Regional Business Development Manager for the U.S. Southeast region. Gould will be responsible for driving new growth opportunities within her region and delivering innovative solutions to clients facing unique regulatory and compliance challenges. Gould has previously held Project Manager and Zoning Manager positions at […]

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) moves computing and storage to the edge of the network to reduce latency. Bare-metal infrastructure helps CSPs and hyperscalers deliver and manage predictable 5G performance at the edge. MEC powers an increasing range of 5G solutions aimed at enterprises who need low-latency and high-bandwidth solutions. MEC is […]

Earlier this month, police were called to the scene of several suspicious cell tower fires in Mississippi. In each case, it was determined that the fires were intentionally set and equipment was damaged. As Hawaii News Now reports, ATF agents became involved when interstate commerce was disrupted. Evidence quickly led […]

IAB manages 5G backhaul wirelessly by using the same access link framework 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum deployments require greater cell density than ever before, but this presents a practical problem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) — how to manage the backhaul. The 3GPP has developed Integrated Access and Backhaul […]

House Lawmakers this week discussed the future of wireless with industry and public policy experts. Much of the discussion centered around the immediate future of the FCC’s ability to conduct spectrum auctions. Without congressional intervention, the agency’s auction authority expires on September 30. CTIA believes Congress should expeditiously extend the […]


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