Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile Broadband are driving sales The market for equipment running in the 3.5 GHz Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum is growing, but at a slower rate than previously reported. Telco market research firm Dell’Oro Group has revised its forecast for CBRS radio access network (RAN) hardware […]

Ronin Revolution Corporation will be exhibiting at the NATE UNITE, February 21-24, in Las Vegas. Attendees will be able to see the Ronin Lift in action in booth number 133. “We look forward to seeing you at NATE 2022. Make sure to stop by and see the Ronin Lift in […]

Comcast says its top priority is increasing network capacity and improving its broadband experience Comcast reported profits up more than 34% for the full-year 2021, with net income for the year at more than $14.15 billion. In its wireless segment, the cable MSO said that revenues were up 40% year-over-year, […]

700-2700MHz Round 3dBi 4G LTE Omni Antennas SMA Male (PAIR) The 700-2700MHz Round 3dBi 4G LTE Omni Antenna is a wide band and compatible with the majority of cellular bands in the USA.   They are vertically polarized with an omni-directional radiation pattern and does not require a ground-plane. The antennas […]


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