Ultra Longer Range Directional Mimo /5G 4G LTE Antenna 698-6000MHz 2X30dbi

Price: $189.00
(as of Feb 24, 2023 02:01:29 UTC – Details)

Frequency Range :698-6000MHz
Gain :2x30dBi
Polarization :Vertical and Horizontal
Horizontal Beanwidth :9°
Vertical Beamwidth :8°
F/B Ratio :≥30dB
VSWR :≤1.5
Input Impedance :50Ω
Maximum input power :100W
Lightning protection :DC Ground
Connector :2xN Female
Dimensions :40x60cm
Antenna weight :2.5 kg
Mounting Mast Diameter :Φ35-50mm
Operating temperature :-40℃~85℃
Rated Wind Velocit :60m/s

The 4G antenna is suitable for cities, rural area with no WiFi options and mobile phone signals. There are trees and hills in the way, and the signal towers 15 miles away. antenna can be used with all mobile boosters, router, etc. that has connection for external antenna.(Tip: the distance between trees, mountains and signal towers will affect the signal.)
The signal booster cellular antenna is very wide band(698-6000MHz) so it receive & transmits ALL signal bands,which means that it supports all Internet devices. If the frequencies of the antenna and the equipment match, the antenna can enhance the signal for the corresponding equipment. For example, all router /modem ,cell phone signal boosters,WiFi boosters, and hotspot boosters, etc.
Support all brands of routers which has external antenna port, such as ZTE mf279, Huawei b310s, mofi 4500, 4G router, mofi 4500, hiboost 4K SmartLink, novatel t1114, sprint MiFi 8000,etc .
Support all brands of cell phone signal booster –weBoost / SureCall / Cel-Fi / HiBoost / WilsonPro,such as Weboost 4g-m,zboost brand amplifiers,Hiboost Dot booster,wilson dt4g cell phone booster,etc. Reminder:The mimo antenna is dual polarized and has two connectors. If you use it for the signal amplifier, you can only use any one connector of the antenna to connect the signal amplifier, which will not affect the use effect of the antenna.
Support any carrier at any country.The antenna can can work with any carrier at any country,If your carrier there uses the 698-6000mhz coverded bands,5G / 4G / LTE / 3G GSM / CDMA and more. (for example:band 33-1900mhz and 2100 mhz,band 26,b20-800mhz).support all North American carriers: ATT / Verizon / T-Mobile / Sprint / Rogers / Bell / Telus / US Cellular / Telcel / Movistar and more. WiFi / Wi-Max / GPS / GOV / MIL / SDR.
The router antenna does not require power,it is just plug and play ,don’t need any setting up.

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