InvisaGig 5G Cellular Internet Modem – Super Simple Crazy Fast

Discover the power of simplicity and speed with the InvisaGig 5G Wireless Internet Modem. Engineered, supported, and assembled by hand in the USA*, InvisaGig offers seamless integration with your current (or any) router/wifi system without the need for new, complicated equipment.

Tired of buying an entirely new WiFi system for every internet upgrade? Frustrated with complex, expensive options and hours spent on setup tutorials? Say goodbye to those troubles with InvisaGig.

InvisaGig works with any router you already own or plan to buy, transforming it into a cellular router. It doesn’t require a router if you only need to connect one device – just plug it into your game console, TV, PC, Mac, tablet, or phone using a compatible USB to ethernet adapter; as long as it the device it is plugged into has an ethernet connection.

Want to add a second modem to your currenet cellular internet system? Plug the InvisaGig into it’s WAN port and you’ve just upgraded!

Setting up and using InvisaGig is straightforward. There’s no need for advanced technical knowledge – it’s all about offering a powerful, fast internet connection.

InvisaGig leverages the latest 5G modem technologies, currently equipped with the proven Qualcomm x62 5G modem core.

InvisaGig is not an all-in-one system and is also not a new WiFi system with an integrated cellular modem. It IS the solution if you want to use any router that you want or already have, as long as the device or router accepts an ethernet WAN/Internet input.

Experience the ‘Super Simple’, ‘Crazy Fast’ InvisaGig 5G Wireless Internet Modem System today. Upgrade your internet without the hassle.

Visit the Wireless Haven customer InvisaGig Help Page here.

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InvisaGig Wireless Internet Modem Platform
Images courtesy of InvisaGig
InvisaGig Wireless Internet Modem Platform
Images courtesy of InvisaGig

Check the “Antenna Connections” tab for example outdoor antenna connections.

For many more details check out

*Case designed and manufactured in the USA. All designs and custom software is US made and maintained. Hand assembled in the USA, in Tennessee.

*To clarify for all customers. The InvisaGig does not bypass carrier CGNAT (no device does without VPN use), so you typically may still experience a technical double NAT, as you will still have your local network NAT and your carriers CG level NAT. This can be bypassed with a public IP assignment to your SIM from your carrier, or sometimes via VPN service usage on your devices or router.

*Electronic PCB components are commodity items made overseas. There are no claims to otherwise. A completely US made PCB design is in the plan, but it will take time to release. The modems used in the InvisaGig product will likely always be from overseas (or soon Mexico) manufacture; until a US chip manufacturer begins making them.


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