Directional 4×4 MIMO Dual Band WiFi Antenna Enclosure – 2.4GHz + 5GHz 14/17dBi (H+V) RJ45 Connector – Supports High Band 4G LTE and 5G

WiFix ADM 1DE2359X17 RJ is a Directional 4×4 MIMO Dual Band WiFi Antenna Enclosure – 2.4GHz + 5GHz 14/17dBi (H+V) RJ45 Connector – Supports High Band 4G LTE and 5G

The ADM 1DE2359X17 RJ  WiFi/4G/5G 14/17dBi MIMO antenna is a high quality directional antenna with dual polarity (H+V), designed to accommodate devices at MIMO 4×4, 2×2, or 2×2 +2×2.  The antenna is also used for PTP (Point-to-Point) and PMP (Point-to-Multipoint) as a client antenna.

The ADM 1DE2359X17 RJ  MIMO antenna is a dual band directional WiFi and high band 4G/5G panel antenna engineered to improve signal strength and reception over the 2.4GHz to 5GHz frequency range.  It is ideal for rural, suburban and other locations where the mobile signal is poor or less than desirable, or where a better signal is required to take advantage of carrier aggregation.  Its small dimensions and aesthetic appearance accommodate installations at most any location, even for high demanding applications and customers.

The antenna component and circuitry are integrated within our top quality WiFix enclosure system. The enclosure has approximately a max of 19″ x 11.5″ x 4″ of clear space inside for your electronics. See diagram below for exact specs.

The WiFix ADM 1DE2359X17 RJ is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (IP67) installations, both wall and pole mask mounting.



WiFix systems are engineered of UV resistant ABS plastic material that is resistant to extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and humidity. They can safely operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 80°C.  WiFix designed sealing systems guarantees a waterproofed level of IP67.

WiFix Systems are IP67 Waterproof


The WiSecure mounting system is engineered to couple stability and attractiveness in one product. Its design is made of a special fiberglass reinforced polyamide plastic, which is super rigid–even in extreme weather conditions.  Its innovative design and composite makeup, compared to metal brackets, offers better performance and a rust free life-time. WiSecure further enables the antenna position and aligning in two separate polarization settings.


WiMount Antenna Mounting System Demo:


NOTICE: This antenna listing comes with ONE WiSecure Antenna Mount included with your purchase of the antenna. You do not need to purchase a separate mounting system.


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