Winners, Top Bidders of the 2.5 GHz Auction Revealed

T-Mobile spent the most money and won the largest number of licenses in the FCC’s 2.5 GHz auction of flexible use overlay licenses for wireless use. Analysts expected T-Mobile to come out on top since of all the major carriers, it’s already using the most 2.5 GHz mid-band spectrum for 5G.

The FCC said yesterday T-Mobile bid a total of $304.3 million and won more than 7,000 licenses. PTI Pacifica bid $17.6 million, TeleGuam Holdings bid $16.5 million, Evergy Kansas Central bid $12.7 million and Cellular South Licenses bid $11.8 million.

Aside from T-Mobile, the bidders who won the most licenses were: North American Catholic Educational Programming Foundation (107), Evergy Kansas Central (54), LICT Wireless Broadband Company (46) and Broadband One of the Midwest, Inc. (42). Continue Reading

The agency said 7,872 of the 8,017 offered county-based licenses, or 98 percent of the total inventory, was sold. Here’s a list of all the winning bidders and the amount they bid.

More than 80 entities were eligible to participate. Sixty-three won licenses, according to the FCC. It said 77 percent of those qualified as small businesses, which will introduce wireless services in their communities. Auction 108 began on July 29, and closed on August 29, Inside Towers reported. It raised $427 million. 

By Leslie Stimson, Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief

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