The Wireless Infrastructure Industry Sets a Bountiful Table

While we all take time this week to give thanks where it’s due…family, friends, health… the editorial staff at Inside Towers would like to express our appreciation for the privilege of covering this industry. Taking into account its performance over the last few years, with COVID, natural disasters, economic headwinds and the usual political tempest, the wireless infrastructure industry not only survived but, re-tooled, adjusted and, in many cases, thrived. 

One of the things that continues to amaze me is the sense of community in the industry. For a global provider of products and services operating on many levels, there is still a “small town” mentality when it comes to its largess in times of catastrophic events such as hurricanes and wildfires, with tragic losses both on site and off, or the nurturing and encouragement given to its newcomers. We thank you for letting us be the “town crier” in that regard.  

Washington Bureau Chief of Inside Towers, Leslie Stimson, said she’s glad to be writing about an industry that’s growing. “It’s exciting, and I’ve enjoyed meeting the people I’ve encountered along the way while also maintaining my ties to the broadcast technical community,” she said.

John Celentano, Inside Towers’ Business Editor, expresses his thanks for the commitment and dedication of our tower climbers. “These men and women work high above ground level where few of us would dare to go so that the rest of us can enjoy some of the best wireless communications in the world,” he said.

J. Sharpe Smith, Inside Towers’ Technology Editor, is thankful for all the great minds in the wireless industry that constantly invent new technology and those that drive the industry to deploy that wireless infrastructure.

By Jim Fryer, Inside Towers Managing Editor

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