Thankful For Our Freedoms, Thankful for the Vets Who Helped Protect Them

I have had the privilege of wearing a uniform for 36 of my 66 years of life, so please recognize I see the world through this lens of experience—one grounded in faith and service.

Across 36 years in uniform, I have experienced life in 39 countries. My conclusion from this survey is I see no other nation so blessed by God with personal freedoms, life opportunities, and a society which enables a daily choice to leverage the former in pursuit of the latter. So, what does love of country and appreciation for a U.S. citizen’s way of life have to do with Veteran’s Day? Everything!

How can one thank a veteran for something for which they are not thankful? If a citizen does not think the USA is a great place to live, then why would they thank those who have served to protect it? Is it wrong to take note of flaws? No. Is it best to keep the flaws in perspective with all the good? I say, yes. Life can challenge all of us at times, but when we can pause to put it all in perspective, most will acknowledge how fortunate we are to have the freedoms, opportunities, and choices we are blessed to possess. This broader view provides a bit more peace and is a starting point for considering the veterans who serve to provide us this place of freedom.

I start most everyday by thanking God for blessing me with a birthright rooted in this free nation. I thank Him for the blessings which have enabled my wife and I to raise our family in this land of opportunity. Then I set about a new day of opportunity focused upon helping veterans as a way to thank them every day.

Over 500 telecom companies have joined Warriors4Wireless in thanking vets every day! They do this by providing meaningful places of employment. Warriors4Wireless has connected around 500 veterans per year to patriotic hiring partners for the last three years. 100 percent of all we do represents a no strings attached free “thank you” with each connection helping a vet in need and a telecom company trying to resolve a workforce shortfall.

So, this Veterans Day, will you join me in giving thanks for the opportunities we are blessed to possess in this nation? Will you join me in leveraging those opportunities to thank a vet everyday by providing them a meaningful place of employment? Will you help us help vets while simultaneously tackling your entry level workforce needs?

Kevin Kennedy attended the United States Air Force Academy and then served for 32 years, primarily as an aviator. He is now the President and CEO of Warriors4Wireless. You can contact him at: [email protected] or 202-603-6131 or through

By Kevin Kennedy, President, CEO, Warriors4Wireless, Major General, U.S Air Force- Ret.

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