Oracle Cloud for Telcos ‘redefining the telco market’

Oracle bundles OCI, core network services and apps for CSPs

Oracle is “redefining the telco market” with its new Oracle Cloud for Telcos offering. That’s the word from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Executive Vice President Clay Magouyrk. Magouyrk outlined the company’s plans in a recent blog post.

Magouyrk noted the exceptional present and future challenges CSPs face in orchestrating effective telco cloud strategies, starting with omnipresent operational pressures to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Operators face concerns over data sovereignty and privacy. Customer demands for richer media and more content put constant pressure to deliver ever greater amounts of bandwidth. 5G and IoT complicate that landscape further.

“Telcos have to digitally transform to enable higher impact business outcomes, deliver insight driven “digital” ecosystems and execute agile business models with flexibility,” said Magouyrk.

Oracle Cloud for Telcos is built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the company’s cloud platform. OCI operates on 36 global public cloud regions operated by Oracle. Its most recent region is in Johannesburg, South Africa, the very first Oracle Cloud region to be activated on the African continent.

“The OCI platform runs Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, Oracle Communications core network and B/OSS solutions, and more than 60 other industry application suites, as well as third-party and custom applications and workloads. It enables telcos to build new applications or modernize existing workloads with 80 plus cloud services, including data management, developer services, analytics, and artificial intelligence,” said Magouyrk.

Oracle Cloud for Telco OSS/BSS

Oracle Cloud for Telcos makes it easier to migrate and run critical IT, operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS), according to Magouyrk.

“Oracle Cloud provides the database clustering and massive I/O necessary to maintain near zero downtime environments while improving performance 50 percent or more over on-premises or other clouds,” he said.

The service combines OCI with Oracle Communications core network technology and dozes of other application suites developed by Oracle and its partners.

Oracle Cloud for Telcos does not require tethering to public cloud services, according to the company. Oracle’s Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer bundles all OCI services in an operational model that keeps the control plane with the customer. 

“Dedicated Regions are not tethered to our public cloud and all data and metadata stays within a telco customer’s environment for the highest degree of control in the market. Dedicated Regions can meet the needs of core or regional data centers in a brand new way,” said Oracle.

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