From TV remote to baby monitor, old smartphones can have second life

(dpa) — Many people regularly buy a new smartphone, and the old one often ends up unused in a drawer somewhere. Yet these discarded devices can still be used for lots of tasks, from TV remote controls to baby monitors.The first thing to do is to free up memory on the old phone by deleting back-ups, photos, contacts, emails and unnecessary apps.”The smartphone is faster again because a full memory can act like a brake,” says Thorsten Neuhetzki from the website advises resetting the device to its factory settings and then installing all the available updates.One possibility …

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T-Mobile outage comes with reported disruptions across cellular services

Sun Aug 9 , 2020
T-Mobile reported a widespread outage Monday as customers from a variety of cellular providers flagged problems with service.Downdetector, a website that tracks activity across cellular and social networks, showed outage spikes across T-Mobile, T-Mobile’s Metro, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint (acquired by T-Mobile in April), Twitch, Facebook Messenger and Instagram starting in […]


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