DoD Releases Redacted Report on Possibility of Sharing 3 GHz Band

The Department of Defense (DoD) publicly unveiled a redacted version of a report regarding the feasibility of sharing spectrum in the lower 3 GHz band. The frequency is highly coveted by wireless industry groups for potential use in 5G networks. The report originally came out in September 2023.

The Emerging Mid-Band Radar Spectrum Sharing Feasibility Assessment Report maintains that sharing the 3.1-3.45 GHz band between federal and commercial systems is not currently feasible “unless certain regulatory, technological, and resourcing conditions are proven and implemented.” The DoD acknowledges the potential of freeing up some of the spectrum for 5G use, emphasizing that in order to make the lower 3 GHz band available for commercial use a “coordination framework must facilitate spectrum sharing in the time, frequency, and geography domains,” notes Broadband Breakfast.  

The report also stresses the importance of adhering to several conditions, such as the DoD retaining regulatory control of the spectrum, guaranteeing access for testing and experimentation, and maintaining policies for national emergency preemption. DoD also wants to enhance the dynamic spectrum sharing framework with advanced technology capabilities, accommodating both current and future federal systems equitably, and establish safeguards against interference.

According to DoD, these conditions serve as essential safeguards to protect the integrity of spectrum use and ensure the continued effectiveness of military and commercial operations in frequency bands, according to Broadband Breakfast. To address the challenges, an event hosted by the DoD is planned for April 8.

By Leslie Stimson, Inside Towers Washington Bureau Chief

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