A consumer advocacy group and the opposition political party want to stop the merger in its tracks Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on Thursday voted to approve the merger of True Corp and DTAC. Despite the NBTC’s ruling, it looks like the True/DTAC merger isn’t going to happen […]

Capital expenditure is one of the most closely watched financial metrics in the wireless infrastructure business, and understandably so. Capex is a forward indicator of planned network investment among the mobile network operators. Importantly, it’s how we all (suppliers, contractors, consultants and yes, publishers) get paid.  This chart is an […]

Open RAN TCO and automation tooling make it a good fit for rural network expansion Extending reliable, affordable broadband access into rural or otherwise un- or under-served parts of the world is a priority for lawmakers, nonprofits and other stakeholders around the globe. As communications service providers work to play […]

Open RAN provides enterprises with better control over their entire wireless infrastructure Private 5G networks enable enterprises to secure dedicated bandwidth, custom-tailoring their experience based on their specific needs — whether it’s to assure dedicated coverage, provide coverage where none may be available otherwise or whether it’s to offer higher […]

South Africa will be Google’s first region; the company also announced two new Nordic regions, Austria and Greece Google Cloud is expanding services throughout Europe with new regions planned for Austria, Greece, Norway and Sweden. What’s more, it’s bringing its services locally to the African continent for the first time, […]

In an effort to extend digital connectivity throughout Montgomery County, MD, recent zoning rules were amended to allow antenna placement within 30 feet of a residence. The original wording had established the allowable distance as 60 feet. As WTTG-TV reports, the ordinance revision has some local residents up in arms. […]


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