2022 Stadium Connectivity Outlook Survey Seeks Input

Stadium Tech Report, has announced its survey, entitled “Stadium Connectivity Outlook,” can be taken live and is encouraging participation from readers. The survey hopes to pool its readers’ collective knowledge and provide a snapshot of what’s happening on several stadium technology fronts. To take the survey, click here.

“In my 11 years of covering the stadium technology marketplace,” said Stadium Report Publisher Paul Kapustka, “one thing I found that makes it special is how willing all participants are to share operational information. Since stadiums don’t really ‘compete’ against each other like teams do, it makes sense. Nobody in Minnesota is going to lose if someone in Green Bay adopts a best stadium technology idea or practice, or vice versa. But that spirit of sharing also says a lot about the camaraderie of the industry, and the quality of the people who work the jobs. They know their gained knowledge might help others, and when asked, they usually share willingly.”

Survey takers, according to Kapustka, not only get to bask “in the glow of having done a great thing for their peers by sharing their insights,” they also get a free copy of the full survey results, a white-paper analysis and a Stadium Tech Report hat.

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